Frequent Questions asked by the customers

 What is ductFIT® ?

ductFIT® is a pioneering continuous solution that uses the unique patented technology of NASA’s  ‘Photocatalytic Oxidation’ to eliminate all kinds of enveloped or encapsulated viruses and pathogens on the surface and in the air, at your workspace or your home and even in the car. The unique technology used in this product helps to disinfect the spaces 24/7 with the help of Advanced Sensor and Monitoring Smart Solution which helps to measure the indoor air quality, compares IAQ to external air quality indexes (AQI CH and AQI US) and automatically adjusts the ductFIT® equipment to provide the right level of purification of PM2.5, TVOCs, CO2 and temperature & humidity, pure and safe indoor air.

How does it work?

The scientifically proven and patented technology ductfit® systems inactivate 88% of SARS-CoV-2 (which causes COVID-19) in less than 5 min and 99.97% in 15 min.

  • Step 1 – Air water vapor becomes H2O2 – Ions
  • Step 2 – H2O2 – Ions surrounds the virus by affecting its lipid membrane or proteins
  • Step 3 – Viruses are inactivated, losing their infections capacity
  • Step 4 – Viruses finally die

Similar process applies to the bacteria as well. Therefore, the space gets disinfected and free from all pathogens.

How Does The Disinfection Cycle Works

Does it use any chemicals to disinfect the space or generate any harmful chemicals?

ductfit® systems do not contain any harmful chemicals like Ozone or chlorine. The system generates its own natural negative ions that eliminates more than 99% of viruses and pathogens. Most of the products in the market generate both positive ions and negative ions, whereas ductfit® generates only negative ions which are 100% safe and effective.

What types of performance and efficiency tests this product has undergone?

The products have been tested in most reputed research labs, universities, and Hospitals such as CSIC, ITEL, ENAC and ductfit® is approved by WHO (World Health Organization)

CSIC Test Lab Reports Against SARS-CoV-2

CSIC Test Reports Against SARS-CoV-2

Is the product safe?

Yes, the ductfit® systems are 100% safe on humans, animals, and plants.

Does this product can be installed anywhere or specific to its limitations? 

ductfit® products come with various design concepts

  • Vent units are specifically designed for HVAC ducts, the units will be placed inside the ducts to cover enormous areas.
  • Standalone units are designed for placing conveniently anywhere inside the office, home, and hotel receptions.
  • Finally, the car unit is exclusively designed for cars.

What are the options available in this product and its area coverages? 

ductfit® comes with various area coverages, examples

  • The vent units come with 35 sqm, 50 sqm, 100 sqm and 200 sqm.
  • The standalone units come with 50 sqm and 100 sqm
  • The wall unit come with 50 sqm and 100 sqm
  • The ceiling unit come with 50 sqm and 100 sqm
  • The car unit are design for car and smaller size children study rooms

Does this product affect the existing interiors and aesthetics of offices/hotel/home? 

The ductfit® is a unique design suits for all requirements.

  • ductfit vent units are designed to be mounted inside the HVAC therefore the units are not exposed to interiors.
  • ductfit® mobile/standalone units are designed with uniqueness, hence it can be placed anywhere in the office, home and reception or in the hotel rooms.
  • ductfit® ceiling units are designed in line with the universal ceiling design concept; hence it doesn’t appear to be different compared to the interiors.
  • ductfit® wall units are designed like an indoor ac; therefore, it provides good aesthetics to the office, reception or even at home.
  • ductfit® can be securely installed in the office reception, meeting rooms, boardroom, and customer service areas without affecting your interiors

How do we know the units are effectively performing? Are there any sensors to check the devices? 

ductfit® allows you not only to purify the air and disinfect the surfaces of your facilities. The system incorporates an Artificial Intelligence platform with advanced sensors that remotely and intelligently control the equipment, enabling real-time measurement of air quality and therefore the effectiveness of the system. They also allow their visualization, something that is of utmost importance to demonstrate to employees and customers that the spaces are being disinfected safely and continuously 24 hours a day.

Can this system be customized based on the customer’s request or to meet the proposed interior designs? 

Yes, the ductfit® products can be modified based on customer needs without affecting the products durability and efficiency. The products can be customized to the passenger transport vehicle, where employees can safely drive home without the fear of viruses and bacteria and outdoor air pollution, and it can be customized to fit inside the elevators where high rates of infections take place inside elevators and in the other transport vehicles or spaces.

What if we don’t have HVAC at our office or home, is there any solution for this?

Yes, we have a solution for all requests, the place where you don’t have ducts, we can mount the individual units such as ductfit® wall and ceiling units to disinfect the spaces effectively.

However, we have partnered with our suppliers to create the duct systems (Without cooling effects) into your offices or home to add the ductfit® vent units into the customized ducts to disinfect the spaces effectively with more modernized and aesthetic solutions.

ductfit® protection can be extended anywhere and everywhere

Will this solution control PM 2.5 and PM 10? 

Yes, ductfit® has a range of solutions, the ductfit® technology is focused on pathogens in general but we have more solutions that do address PM2.5, PM10, TVOC, CO2 and temperature, humidity and several equipment that include both filtration and pathogen control in a single unit.

Is there any annual maintenance and servicing required?

The products come with a 3 years warranty; however, the catalyst (which generates negative ions) needs to be replaced annually for the best efficiency. The advanced sensors that remotely and intelligently control the equipment, enabling real-time measurement of air quality and the system alerts if the device is having any malfunction or dropping its efficiency. 

How efficiently ductfit® technology eliminates the viruses and bacteria, if someone infected is in the room and if the person sneezes/coughs? 

Virus and bacteria are quite different, we have several tests against both virus and bacteria (Our test reports define the actual durations). However, viruses are much easier and faster to kill than bacteria and for example SARS-CoV-2 is eliminated approximately at 90% within minutes. Whereas bacteria take some time 30-60 mins depending on the type of bacteria.

What are the electricity consumptions of these units? 

ductfit® units are very efficient in power consumption.

  • The vent units consume maximum 30 W
  • Standalone units consume maximum 50 W
  • Wall units and the ceiling units consumes maximum 120 W

How is the H2O2 saturation controlled? Does it have any impact if the airflow is reduced or increased in the HVAC? 

The H2O2 saturation is fully automated, whether the air flow is reduced or increased the system does not impact its efficiency. For rooms where occupancy changes drastically (like meeting rooms), if the occupancy rate is controlled the device will be efficient enough to provide disinfection. However, if we have meeting rooms that are constantly occupied at a very high occupancy level, then we might need to provide additional concentration to those rooms by adding an extra device on the duct which will increase the efficiency in order to have the best result.

Pre & Post installation Covid-19 Swab test is possible on the Surface?

This is something most of our customers do, hence it can be done.

How can we get protected from viruses, what are the precautionary methods and recommendations from ductfit®?

  • We highly recommend our customers to provide protection mainly in the reception areas, this applies to offices, hotels and customer services or collaboration areas. If any infected member carries the viruses from the external environment, it gets eliminated and does not spread into the other office spaces or to the staff members inside the organization.
  • For houses, we recommend that the visitor/guest areas be protected with ductFit solutions, this safeguards your beloved ones from the threat of pathogens spreading around.
  • Meeting rooms, conference rooms and training rooms must be protected to avoid the spread due to the flow of external members. This applies to the hospitalities as well.
  • Passenger transport vehicles and cars can be protected by ductfit® units.
  • We highly recommend  the use of ductfit® in the hospitals where the infection rates are very high, It protects and prevents the spread of viruses from infected patient to others and certainly helps infected person to breathe fresh and purified air, which energizes the body and keeps up the wellbeing throughout their recovery.

Are there any other health benefits with ductfit®?

ductfit® generates natural cations negative ions, which keeps you safe and healthy

  • It increases the flow of oxygen into the brain, resulting in high alertness, decrease drowsiness and generates more mental energy
  • It helps to decrease Blood Pressure, protects your Lung, elevates mental concentrations and better sleep and much more health benefits.
  • ductfit® is not restricted only to eliminate the viruses, it also eliminates all kinds of pathogens and is 100% safe for humans, animals and plants therefore helps to keep a healthy and safe environment.  

Why should anyone trust this device?

 ductFIT® is a unique patented technology

  • Proven and tested technology against viruses
  • it’s a certified efficacy you can trust
  • It is a pioneering continuous disinfection solution that uses the most stable process “photocatalytic oxidation” where every feature is an innovation.
Trust the air which you breathe through ductFIT®